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handmade custom leather headstall

Leather Gallery

Here are some examples of my braided horse gear and hand-cut, hand-sewn leather bags

Leather tulips
rawhide braided bosal
leather braided bosalita bosal
kangaroo bosal 9/16"
kangaroo braided bosal 9/16"
kangaroo rawhide braided bosal 9/16"
kangaroo rawhide braided mecate mccarty
rawhide braided bosal bosals
kangaroo braided rawhide bosal

Bullwhip Braiding Process

Here is a photo story showing the process of building a 10' braided bullwhip. Click on any photo for a description. Not shown is the second belly and second core of 8 braided strands. There are 5 total layers in the whip, all hand cut and braided. 

Handmade leather bags

A collection of bags in many different styles

Hartley Tote


Available in two styles - structured or slouchy. The perfect everyday carry-all that comfortably fits all your essentials.


Alli Hybrid Backpack

A fun bag that can also be worn as a purse depending on how you configure the straps and snaps.